About Us


The Styling Agents was founded in 2019 by professional stylist Rebecca Waye.


Combining years of extensive professional styling experience from Melbourne, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast with an acute sense of a property’s true potential and a natural eye for style and design, Rebecca has created The Styling Agents to offer a property styling solution for live-in home sellers.


Through years of working with people in their own spaces, she began to notice a need for owners still living in their homes during a sales campaign.  The need of a well-considered, cost effect property styling solution.  

Our Approach

A considered approach to styling homes, grounded in purpose to attract your perfect buyer.


We understand that every home has a story to tell and that story has the power to evoke emotion.  We offer a property styling solution for live-in home sellers predominately using existing furniture and accessories.  Our services are tailored to your property, time efficient and cost effective; rewarding you with stand out photography, increased interest, less time on the market and an optimum sale price.

"One of my greatest personal returns is seeing our clients so valuably rewarded.   I absolutely love it and I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.”

Rebecca Waye

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